Monday 28th May 2007

Brampton Bryan Regional Event


Planners' Comments

Russ Fauset and Peter Langmaid (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

What a difference a day makes! Having shivered and squelched through Bucknell on Sunday morning, and plodded round Brampton Bryan parkland in the rain in the afternoon, it was a delight to arrive in the park on Monday morning in the dry. It's difficult not to enjoy an event at Brampton Bryan - it's such a beautiful location, and that's before you enter the woodland.

With suitably challenging courses from the planners, together with the usual willing help from fellow club members, and many tasks being undertaken by the SINS co-ordinator's, organising a successful event was a breeze.

I am indebted especially to Mick Greenan, the estate gamekeeper, for his generous co-operation and advice with organising assembly and car parking, and for rescuing some escapee sheep later at the end of the day. A thank you, also, to those early arrivals who were missed by the car park fee collection but who sought out the collector with their coin, which goes towards covering the land use charge.

Steve Chiverton (HOC)

Controller's Comments

The event went well with many compliments from competitors. One or two grumbles reached my ears, usually due to someone making a mistake, but nothing serious, so thanks for keeping it to yourself. The one thing that did slip through the razor wire when the courses were checked was on course 6 where the number for control 8 (re-entrant) completely obscured a shallow depression, which was being used as a control site. This caused a small amount of confusion, for which I apologise. Otherwise, it was great to hear that you enjoyed yourself and found the courses challenging with plenty of route choice. Russ and Peter did a great job. As did organiser Steve and all the helpers. Remember to thank them. I do.

Finally, I must also thank Colin Spears for stepping in at short notice to check controls over the weekend when I was reduced to a limp after badly hurting my knee during a training session earlier in the week. Good on yer.

Andy Yeates (WCH)


Mr E M Harley, owner of the Brampton Bryan estate, for permission to use Brampton Bryan park.

Mr P Segrott, land agent, for help in negotiating permissions.

Mr R Harris, farmer, for use of the car parking field.

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