Saturday 26th May 2007

Titterstone Clee Regional Event


Planners' Comments

Mike Dugmore and Richard Dearden (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

As at many O events, most runners were probably unaware of the stress and minor hiccups that happened on the day. There were a number of them, but all were handled well by teams of very competent WRE and HOC workers! This group of orienteers are the real backbone of SinS and to whom both you and I are very indebted and I thank them sincerely on my own and your behalf.

The only real obvious blemish on the day was the number of cars. Far more than we anticipated and more than the car park could hold. If any of you were inconvenienced by this please accept my apologies. Estimating the expected number of cars is hard for such large numbers of entrants. Next time we may have to issue parking permits at the time of registration in order to get a better indication of vehicle numbers.

To get you onto the car park we had to hire a bulldozer to breach the earthbank across it. To our great relief everyone had left by the time the bulldozer returned to reinstate it. The toilets had to be outside the area in case they were not collected before the bulldozer arrived.

I do hope you all enjoyed the day. Titterstone Clee Hill has its own personalised microclimate. Usually misty, damp and windy. Mercifully these elements stayed away, leaving the temperature just a little cool but perfect for running in.

Did you like our assembly area? It was a very attractive one within a nice sheltered amphitheatre. The locating of the finish was a stroke of pure genius by the planners giving everyone a spectacular panoramic view of it, and also the surrounding countryside, from a glorious height. Indeed, as a setting, orienteering will never get better than that!

Graham Hardy (WRE)

Controller's Comments

Bob Brandon (OD)


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